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About Perfume and Pleasure

Perfume is a kind of smell or aroma that can be produced and controlled using a combination of raw materials and different techniques.

People have used perfumes for thousand years, and as technology evolves so do this industry.

Perfume is perceived by the sense of smell who delivers signals to the brain. Depending on the present situation of the person (or the animal, they also smell) and the kind of the smell, it supposed to change the mood of a person, providing him a sort of pleasure or to change an existing aroma masking it.

Regarding animals, odors are used mostly to avoid from them to access defined areas.

The sources for the production of perfumes are regularly plants, animals, the sea and synthetic sources as well.

It is common to find different fragrances for different occasions and goals, either for personal use or for adding a particular smell to a specific location. More than that, there is a gender factor in the industry, producing different perfumes for women and for men.

Pleasure is a particular feeling occurring after an action that changes a person's mood to a better one. Many causes could be defined as improving mood, perfumes are certainly one of them.

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