Versace Fragrances

Versace Fragrances

Versace Fragrances is the perfume line of Versace the fashion brand.

Gianni Maria Versace, the founder of “Versace”, was an Italian fashion designer.

Gianni was born in December 1946 and at the age of 50, in July 1997, was murdered.
His first steps in the fashion world were in his dressmaker mother’s sewing business.

After moving to Milan, he started designing for others, until he opened his first boutique, in 1978.
He succeeded to transform his talent to fashion and his ability to make friends (many of them, celebs), into a prestigious international fashion brand.

As many reputable designers, he added to his principal clothes line, complementary items, such as make-up, accessories, home furnishings, costumes, and fragrances.

His first branded fragrance, “Gianni Versace” was released in 1992.
Subsequent scents under his name include Versus for Men Cologne, Blonde, and The Dreamer.

After his death, his brother Santo became the CEO of the empire and his sister, Donatella, became the new head of design.

There are currently more than 50 different fragrances, under the Versace name in the market.

Here is one of the most popular – Versace – Eros Pour Femme:

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Versace - Eros Pour Femme - Full TV Commercial

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