Successful Perfumes

We understand what a perfume is. However, we have to define the word success to position items sharing same parameters or at least similar for all candidates.

Successful on a personal level could be the satisfaction after wearing a specific perfume, and it could change from time to time or even according to day or night usage or matching different seasons.

Success at a universal level has to relate to a common property or attribute.

Ranking perfumes are usually based on sales quantities and from then, they receive the grade of top perfumes or best fragrances of all times, or most common scents.

How a smell becomes famous?

We identify three ways a fragrance reaches the status of outstanding.

The first one is when an already prestigious perfume brand has launched a new product. This new product is grandfathered by the brand reputation.
This is not a proven formula as even a great reputable manufacturer may fail.

The second way is when a well-known fashion brand decides to add an entirely new line of complementary items, such as watches or perfumes.

The third way is when a celeb decides to monetize his fame grandfathering a product and naming it as his own.
It is known that the celeb does not have the ability to produce the product and he orders a product from an established manufacturer. The product has to be unique and exclusive to the celeb.

There are many examples of this way.
One of them is Women’s Ivanka Trump Perfume.

It is supposed to be a successful perfume in spite of the fact that it is not highly rated as a universal success.

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump. This is enough to say that she is a celeb.

Her Ivanka Trump For Women perfume is sold in many places. One of them is and according to 1905 reviews as of today, and ranked #107 in Beauty & Personal Care > Fragrance > Women’s > Eau de Parfum.
We could say this perfume is a success.

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Ivanka Trump's perfume is an Amazon bestseller

'Ivanka Trump by Ivanka Trump' has rocketed to the top of Amazon's bestselling perfume chart, as Brand Ivanka looks set to come through the recent stink over the likes of Burlington and Nordstrom dropping its products smelling of roses.
US President Donald Trump's angry tweet, lambasting Nordstrom for discontinuing sales of his daughter's merchandise, had initially fuelled public calls for an Ivanka boycott but an online backlash has boosted sales of certain items over the past week.