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Home and Fragrance are related concepts of the modern way of life.

Living in a pleasant home or working in a beautiful office, includes taking care of scents for each room.
The traditional way was and still, is using indoors plants and flowers.

Nowadays there are new options available in the form of artificial fragrances and essential oils.

These home fragrance products are popular due to their effectiveness combined with their relatively small costs.

There is a vast range of types of products and a huge amount of different scents.
Perfumed candles, perfume diffusers, gel or solid scented small containers and reeds into a bottle,
are part of available options in stores. Some of them are specially planned to mask bad odors.

These products became so popular that a new industry for DIY supplies was born, to fill a demand for making similar products at home.

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How to Add Scent to a Candle : Basic Candle Making

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Adding a scent to a candle is something that will require you to make sure that you're mixing your materials correctly. Add scent to a candle with help from a candle making professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jeffrey Schumacher
Contact: www.pureintegrity.com/
Bio: Jeffrey Schumacher founded Pure Integrity Candles with his wife, Teresa.
Filmmaker: Courtney Shumway

Series Description: Candle making is a really great way to express yourself with fun crafts that are both easy and fulfilling to do. Get tips on basic candle making with help from a candle making professional in this free video series.