Giorgio Armami

Giorgio Armami

Armani is a well known and prestigious fashion brand.
Giorgio Armani, Italian-born, is the founder and chief designer of the company. He was a medicine student but in 1953 he found his passion and succeeded to build a fashion empire.

Fashion is a difficult field as it is based upon innovation, it has to happen at least twice a year.
That’s why some brands decided to add to their products, a perfume department, where innovation is not essential and profits are almost guaranteed when a perfume is adopted.

A good example of this is “Acqua Di Gio”, awarded as perfume of the year in 1996 and still having a strong presence on today shelves.

Giorgio Armami - Perfume For Pleasure

His success would lead to numerous scents and a Giorgio Armani perfume line consisting of more than 100 fragrances.
Some of them are:
Armani Code, Armani Mania, Attitude, Armani Eau Pour Homme, Emporio Armani for Him. Perfumes for women include: Sensi, Armani Code Women, Emporio Armani for Her, and Emporio Armani Diamonds.

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Giorgio Armani - Emporio Armani

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