Dusting Powders

What are Dusting Powders?

Powder is created from the disintegration or pulverization of a solid substance into tiny pieces of dry particles.
Powders are used in many fields, including in the medicine and in the cosmetics industries.
In medicine, a common practice is to blend a medicinal agent with inert powders such as magnesium carbonate, kaolin, talc, bentonite and others.

The Cosmetic Field

In the cosmetic field, the use of powders is a common practice. A good example is in perspirant zones, (where it is not advised to use regular deodorants), like feet and knee-pits, powders absorb sweat.
Dusting powders, like talc and titanium dioxide, combined with other ingredients, are used as sunscreen radiation protectors.
Scented powders are a good solution for those who feel overwhelmed from the use of liquid perfumes. More than that, as they absorb oil, they provide a clean sensation together with a pleasant scent.

The application of powders is using hands or a makeup brush yet the ideal tool is the powder puff.

Other Usages

Other use of dusting powder is in crime scenes to identify fingerprints and in the latex glove industry, used to help the production and the donning of them.

Last but not least, an important part of the insecticide industry uses dusting powders, especially to control insects on the skin of cats and dogs.