Children’s Perfumes

What are perfumes?

Perfumes are liquids generally applied to the skin.

Be a concerned parent

It is fine to "wear" perfumes being an adult, however you should be aware that this is not the case with children. They tend to absorb chemicals from their skins into their bloodstream different than adults do, and so, you should be very careful when using perfumes on children.

Perfumes are mostly a blend of essential oils and artificial ingredients into alcohol, in most cases denatured ethyl alcohol at a 80-95 percent of the product.
Besides that, they may contain preservatives and fixatives, in general, phtalates, glycerine, propylene glycol, parabens and more.
There are perfumes with lower percentage of alcohol and even free of it, however, the less percentage of alcohol will induce a higher percentage of preservatives into the product.

Perfume Labels

You should pay close attention at the product's label before applying it to a kid.
Besides the percentage of alcohol, labels may state "clinically tested" or tested for irritation" or "dermatology and allergy tested" or even "hypoallergenic". These are not enough precautions, but a minimum level of security. You should also know that not all producers report all ingredients and their labels.


The industry knows that kids are a very profitable "money maker niche" and so producers will do almost everything to increase their share of the market trying to acquire children as customers.
You should not follow the new fashion trends before reading labels and evaluating the security level of the product.
New trends emerge from time to time, however, basic security measures remain the same.

Be advised:

Not all children are equal and the word children includes a range of ages, you should not only choose the right product for your kid, but also observe what happens after applying it; some may cause harm like dermatitis, rashes and more.
Be advised that kids suffering from asthma could have asthma attacks triggered by a perfume.


Keep perfumes out of reach of children. In case of swallowing, get professional help immediately.

The best advice we can give you, if you must have your kid "smelling nice" is to apply the perfume on his clothes and with smaller quantities.

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Perfumes are not toys!:

Orbeez Perfume Magic Kit Scented Balls - Kids' Toys

Orbeez are small, hard pellets that grow into soft and squishy vibrant balls once you leave them in water. The Orbeez Perfume Magic kit comes with two scents: strawberry and green apple.
This set includes 1,500 Orbeez in five colors, two perfume bottles, two sachets, a perfume maker jar, and an activity booklet with instructions.

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