Chanel Perfumes

Chanel Perfumes is the department of Chanel S.A. company, in charge of fragrances.

Chanel is a private French company, dedicated to fashion. It was founded by Gabrielle Chanel, in 1909.

Gabrielle, better known as Coco, was a talented singer with a good taste for fashion and the remarkable ability to tie social relationships. However, her success was due to her courage to innovate. The use of new designs, combined with unusual fabrics, ended into establishing her company as a prestigious international brand.

As many famous fashion designers, it was natural to add complimentary products under her name.
Besides fashion, jewelry, watches, make-up and perfumes become an integral part of the company, “the House of Chanel.”

In 1921, the perfume No.5 was born. One year later, it was offered on a retail basis, becoming a success.
This moment was the beginning of the “Parfums Chanel company”, a new business financed by two additional partners and owning 90% of the shares.
This partnership quickly becomes an international success.

The No.5 perfume was the basis of the fragrance line, and it is sold till today, being maybe the most all times sold perfume.

During the evolution of the company, many more perfumes were launched, most of them financially successful.

Some of these Perfumes are known as Cristalle, Allure, Coco, Chance, No. 5, No. 19, No 18, No 22, Cuir De Russie, Jersey, Sycomore, 1932, Boy, Chanel, Misiau.

Colognes were also part of the regular line, some of them are: Platinum, Égoïste, Allure, Bleu De Chanel, Pour Monsieur, Antaeus, Égoïste, Bleu de Chanel.

After Coco had died, the company continued to remain an international success, under the direction of the Wertheimer Brothers, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of Gabrielle Chanel.

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