Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Fresheners are products planned to provide a pleasant feeling to the driver and the passengers when traveling.

There are different types of similar products being different scents the main difference.
Some of these products also act as bad odor eliminators.

It is important to mention that Car Air Fresheners could be used in other places, not only cars, such as at home or work, despite the fact that they are usually designed for automobiles.
It should be taken into consideration that if the product is used in other places than cars, it might be less effective than in the car, as the product is designed to perform in a small space and with different temperature ranges, compared to a room in a house or an office.

The main component of an air freshener is perfume.
This perfume has to stay stable under high and low temperatures and should be a long lasting type.

The second important component is the container of the perfume.
This container varies according to the form of the perfume, generally liquid, gel or solid.

It is common to see Car Air Fresheners into bottles, cans, and into impregnated cardboard.

Often these perfumes are part of advertising campaigns and are distributed as freebies.
In other cases, car air fresheners samples are an instrument to introduce a new scent.

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The Story of the Little Tree Car Air Fresheners: So Fresh and So Clean

You can find them in seemingly every taxi cab in the world, and are the general go-to car air freshener. But where did they come from? Meet, Julius Samann, the inventor of ‘little trees.’


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