Candles are very popular. Perfumed Candles are enjoyable items.
They come in many shapes, colors, sizes, prices. They bring sweet memories of warmth; they add splashes of colors to the house. Everyone can find a candle that will match his mood or state of mind. They burn enough hours to fill the air with a unique odor, yet- they are affordable, and you can buy various kinds of candles.

What kind of ”fragrance type person” are you?

Do you like to be wrapped by sweet, warm odors? Or, you prefer a spicy, pungent scent, matching your hidden roughness? Are you looking for earthy fragrances or light, airy ones? Science has provided dozens of combinations, fitted for everyone.
From ancient time to modern era. A brief history “on one leg”.

The earliest evidence of candle manufacturing was found in China around 200 BC, made of whale fat. In ancient Rome, candles were made of a combination of wax, tallow, and natural fat. In the middle age, tallow candles were the most common candles. Then, beeswax replaced the natural fat and enabled a clean burn, without smoky flame.

In the mid 19th century, candles were popular enough to become a broad industrialized market. The success of distilling paraffin wax from coal helped in developing a mass method of production. In the late 19th century, after the invention of the light bulb, candles started to serve as decorative items.
The last step, during the 20th century, included adding various fragrant scents.

“Why should I keep one window open when lightening a scented candle?”

Scented candles have chemicals which are based on cocktails and might cause harm. Pure chemical perfumes can mutate on contact with air. In rooms which are not properly ventilated, it can build up to dangerous levels.

“Is there a none – toxic alternative?”

Indeed, options do exist. One alternative is soy-based candles. Another good alternative is beeswax candles. An oil diffuser, with a few drops of one or more of your favorite essential oils in the water, is an excellent choice. The diffuser heats the water, and the smells are spread in the air.

Candle Aromatherapy. Is it a new age trend or an ancient method?

Aromatherapy helps the body and spirit to stimulate the senses. Searches show that negative emotions can be changed into a positive and a relaxing mood, a disturbed night can turn into a long night’s sleep. It relieves stress and influences the blood pressure. We can gain all those benefits by using essential oils in aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy is not a discovery of the new era. It goes back about 5000 years to Egypt, where those oils were used in massages and hot baths.

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