Aromatherapy as its name indicates is a kind of therapy that uses plants and essential oils to treat patients as a standard or as a complimentary therapy.


Basically, getting help from this method aims to experience an improvement in mood as well as changing psychological state of mind of a person.

It is not a secret that a pleasant perfume causes a good feeling when smelling it.
The brain collects and sends signals in the presence of a sudden change of the aroma in the air and on the skin when applied directly.

This kind of treatment is defined as part of Alternative Medicine in spite of the fact that there is no proven evidence that aromatherapy prevents or cures diseases.

The method is also known in religious and spiritual events, used from the early days by several cultures all over the world, from ancient China and Egypt, through Greece and Rome, and till today.

Safety is a major concern when dealing with aromatherapy.
The most important rule is preventing children from reach these ingredients, they are not aware of the damage they can produce. It is imperative to keep oils in a secure place, out of reach of children.
The second important rule is learning about each oil and its properties as everyone has different characteristic by itself and also when mixing with others.
Applying the right dose is very important as well, overdosing or overusing some of them could be harmful.
Ingesting essential oil could cause a toxic reaction, most of them are good only for external use.

There are many aromatherapy ready made products on the market, some of them include artificial ingredients blended with essential oils, it is advised to avoid them as they could be probably less effective than blends of pure oils.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils - Complete Series

This is a complete series of short tutorials relating to aromatherapy essential oils and their uses.

Important Information - 0:13
Top Notes - 1:16
Top to Middle Notes - 9:20
Middle Notes - 14:19
Middle to Base Notes - 23:49
Base Notes - 26:26
Carrier Oils - 36:49
Other Uses - 39:52

It is extremely important that you do not underestimate the potency of essential oils and the potential dangers of using them incorrectly. There are very few oils that can be used neat on the skin and some can interact with medication, medical conditions etc. so never use these without prior training and, if in doubt, ask a trained professional if a particular oil is suitable for you.

This is a tutorial and aromatherapy massage should not be performed by anyone who is untrained in the subject. Likewise, only clinically trained aromatherapists should mix oil blends, due to the potency and effects of the oils. Those who are trained in massage (but not clinically) should use pre-blended oils only. Always remember to perform a full consultation and make sure there are no ailments present that prevent a massage first; you want it to be beneficial and it should never feel uncomfortable. Happy massaging!